5 tips to manage the end of course trip and motivate students.

Choosing a destination, adjusting budgets and involving students in the organization process are some of the keys that will guarantee the success of the end-of-course trip.

For many students it is the event of the year, the most commented in the halls and the talk of recess. The end-of-course trip is in the head of the students from the first day they arrive at their classes after summer, and meeting and even exceeding their expectations is not easy.

That is why, next, we want to give you some tips that will help you organize the end-of-course trip to be a success and make a simple trip an unforgettable experience for students.

1. Plan ahead

The ideal to have reaction time and find the best destinations at a good price is to do so with a wide time frame. So, you can anticipate all the needs of your students and requirements of each contracting of services.

Organizing a trip for a large group is not easy, there are many preparations and details that we must keep in mind. Having a list of different professionals dedicated to the organization of group trips will be key and helpful. These companies are specialized in group travel management and keep up to date with all the news: they know all the secrets to hit the spot! And most importantly, you will save time and costs.

2. Close the budget

This point is something that we will have to be clear before we start. The students are not economically independent, so the budget will have to be valued together with the parents or legal guardians of the children.

From here, we can begin to think of a battery of destinations that adapt to the budget we have closed to be able to present it to the students and get an idea of ​​what destinations we can afford.

The average cost per student for an end-of-course trip is between € 300 and € 500.

3. Involve students

If you want to maintain the motivation of the students, it will be important that they feel heard and involved in the organization of the trip.

Ask them what their ideal destination would be, what activities they would like to do, what places to visit …

At the same time, make them participants in the planning of the trip, getting them to take it as a challenge for their own benefit in which the prize is to get the best trip at the best price. Collections for end-of-course trips are a classic that also helps motivate students to be more aware of the value of money and put their creativity to work. There are many ways to raise that money that will be used to reduce the final cost of the trip.

Help them create a good efficient and effective collection plan. Some ideas that we can give you go from the most classic sales of Christmas lottery tickets, food sales or crafts at recesses, or the production of raffles; until the most current sales of merchandising of the promotion or of the school, food or clothing markets or the organization of a party or festival of talents, charging the entrance fee.

The ideal would be to create a brainstorm among all, assess the proposed options and be aware of which trips are viable and which are not.

Choosing the final destination of the trip is not an easy task because we have to agree on a whole class. However, we can create a list of pros and cons of the last destinations we are assessing before moving on to the final vote. In this way we are giving value and maintain the interest of the students in all the places we raise.

It is one of the key points in the process of managing the end-of-course trip: if we manage to create a real interest in the final destination we make sure we have almost total assistance from the group.

4. Give them free time

These days they will meet outside the classes and in the eyes of their teachers.

Let’s give them the opportunity to get to know each other in a more relaxed way, give them the confidence and privacy to have time for their activities, their conversations …

This is very positive for the group in general: it benefits coexistence and tolerance among peers, improves their social skills and stimulates teamwork.

5. Many, many activities

Plan a good agenda with activities of different themes that keep them entertained, but with time between them so they can also rest.

For this, have the best travel companion! HiPlans, specializes in educational activities and you have several choices: nature, leisure, educational workshops and culture.