Geolocate bus trips with our app: You can track the activities contracted by your school with HiPlans

Fortunately, there are more and more legal requirements and measures that are incorporated into the regulations of the DGT to make school transport safer and more efficient. Consequently, this makes both, parents and teachers, increasingly value the quality of transportation services contracted by their Center

For parents, being able to track a school bus increases their safety for new journeys on school outings and trips for their children.


In Hi Plans, we are aware of this concern and we wanted to give an answer that offers comfort and tranquility at all times. Both parents and teachers.

With our HiPlans app you can track the activities contracted by your Center. This is a free application that connects parents with their children’s school transportation system. Which allows them to locate them at all times during their outings from the center. Through the app’s geolocator you will know where the vehicle that transports students is. Know in real time when they arrive at the destination and know the real time back to school. The app will give you access to the license plate of the bus and you will know who is the driver who takes it. Until you can consult the documentation in order of the vehicle and driver.


Another point in favour of the app is that geolocation provides full control of all school transport. The communication between parents and the school. Will be much more fluid in this area, streamlining and eliminating current communication processes, saving time wastes of the school staff with processes that will be fully automated with the app.In addition. You will be informed about the activity your child is going to do, the destination he is going to, the time of departure and arrival, the place of departure and the collection.

Within the app, we will make recommendations on the chosen destination. We will inform you about what equipment and supplies they will need during the trip, if they need to bring food, water, hat, raincoat or if they have to go prepared for the cold.