Reasons to efficiently organize a school excursion

School outings are important for children's cognitive development and also help them to relate the contents that are given within the classroom, generate more knowledge, and above all have fun, research and curious while learning.

Before conducting a school exit, it is important that the school team organize the activity with those responsible for the place to be visited.

  • There are a few aspects to consider:
  • the contents that are worked in the classroom
  • the dates according to weather

conditions and the season of the year, or the availability of the place that we are going to visit.

Therefore, it is advisable to book in advance to leave everything organized as the day approaches.

It is also important the transport

that we will use. And it is necessary to know in advance how many students will attend the activity, because it depends on the number of buses that will be requested. As for the spaces, it is necessary to know if they have easy access for buses. If you have toilets, a medical center nearby or if they have a covered stay so as not to suspend the activity in case of rain.

At the time the activity has been confirmed, an informative note should be sent to the parents of each child explaining what will be done at the visit. Information on where to go, price, goals, allergies or rejection of any medication to be taken into account.  Also, of course, its prior authorization. This consent will have to be returned to teachers duly completed and signed by mothers, parents or guardians. The center must develop identification cards that students will have to carry throughout the tour.

During departure, teachers should carry bags for dizziness.  Wet wipes, medicine cabinets and the corresponding authorizations of each of the students. If the teachers are the guides of the activity, they must have visited the place in advance.  And if not, it can be a guide in charge of conducting the visit and interacting with the students, asking questions. It is a good time to make children learn values such as teamwork, cooperation and above all respect for the environment and materials.