Setbacks to consider during a school activity

School outings and excursions are always necessary and appropriate because during them, children will be able to learn new things without having to be inside the classroom. In addition, they will learn to prevent risks that may be encountered along the way and they will be able to understand important aspects to ensure their physical and emotional safety every time they make a way out.

When they are out of school and without the presence of the parents, the children will be able to work and observe a different environment than they are accustomed to. They should also have a good educational role model in their behavior so that children can imitate and learn to behave correctly at all times.

As cognitive and motor development progresses

children will internalize the rules and understand the importance of preventing risks, but always under the supervision of an adult.

Each time an exit is made it is important to plan and take action for before, during and after. Here are seven tips for solving the most common setbacks before a school excursion:


The first ones to consider is the tour. Choosing a suitable destination is essential to know if it is a walking tour or, if on the contrary, you need a means of transport, such as a bus. In addition, it is important to know if certain safety requirements are met taking into account the evolutionary phase of children.


An assessment of the risks in the environment should also be made and the spaces met the appropriate requirements for scheduling a school activity.


As a third requirement to consider, we must establish an emergency protocol. If, for example, the space is closed, it will be essential to identify the evacuation, emergency exits and know the safety protocol. If, on the other hand, the spaces are open, it is important to know the available roads or exits that we would have to take to carry out an evacuation, if necessary.


Fourthly, a sufficient number of adults will have to go to the excursions depending on the ratio of children. And, parents will have to be informed at all times about where their children are.


Fifthly, the weather forecast must be taken into account, and if there is any kind of change in time that may carry any risk, the excursion will be postponed or cancelled.


And finally, keep in control and organization throughout the journey to keep security and not make any unforeseen events happen.

If these requirements are met, any type of problem or unforeseen problem that may arise during the school activity can be solved.